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Real-Time Discussions

Well, nice overall. I like that feature that one can put his resume, so recruiters can look things up and contact if they find it pleasing. Nice one. I'll be around sir! If you need any test or trolling. And eh! Before I forget, I am up for moderation, what ya say? So I can start banning trolls straight away
Hehehehe, no problem I have already made you a moderator (i will be adding the privileges later). The trolls will come in very soon, I am sure they are somewhere lurking around.
There are some okrika spam bot blocking some of them from registering, but I know they will still troll in. As I am testing features, I am making corrections here and there.
Chaiii, I made mistake o! I for pick lalasticlala as my username.
It is not too late to change that.
Very good, if developers would pitch their tent here, then efforts should be made for recruiters, companies to post their vacancy and hunt for talent here, programming talent that is.
That is the general idea
A chrome browser on Android
i will test
I tested and did not experience such thing. This account I am using is an ordinary account with no special privileges (just to experience what others experience).
What I can say is that when you are on mobile or on your profile, you can see a box, just ordinary text area, it is when you focus on it that you will then see the err comment button.
The functionality of the site on desktop and mobile is the same, just layout that is different. You can even toggle the layout by using the Toggle Layout link (on the footer on mobile or sidebar on desktop).
You mean when you write something, I can delete it? Hahaha, cyber bullying version 1.0
The button is not clickable, just won't gree work @dhtml
hehehe, hope you have been able to discipline the button? because e dey work for here o
Like when you answer me, I suppose comment below but button not clickable
The comment button under a post is not working for me
What happens to it when you click it?
I have seen the issue and resolved it too.
Then this front page won't be readable be that, messages would be flying down fast
Hahahaha, well, we can always upgrade now? I will just upgrade the something.
When I am to comment, that world map icon is overhanging, out of the space box for the icons (that is mobile view, or minimise your browser to see it.)
That is a very good point, i noticed it too - will fix it. Thanks