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Real-Time Discussions

What happens when we start trolling in large numbers?
That question I cannot really answer, but I do know something sha - it will be a whole lot of fun when we get to that point. Imagine all kind of TROLLS happening all over the place.
Programmers, hackers, noobs e.t.c and jobs start trollin' in as well.
Whats up dude! you just dey troll everywhere you like!
Am Coming... In....

Where is the job section, I am looking for job o
Ha, dont worry, the jobs will soon start trollin' in.
Ah.... Just checking ni oo
Did you find anything?
I am still looking at the smiley something you were saying then o.
how far mista_cee?
*clears throat* we live baby!!
Hey, why are you clearing your throat here anyhow? You deserve a permanent ban. I will remind my spam bot to clear anyone that clears their throat here again.
If your throat is scratching you, look for yam, cut it to pieces and eat it raw, it will relieve your throat.
And note we are still testing waters
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Yeap, that is the point, we give you the tips of what is happening when in guest mode. . . .
still testing?
guess so, i a testing too
Lets do this once more
You are so right brother, that is precisely what we are going to do!