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Real-Time Discussions

Hola everyone, I need a good engine for creating a forum.

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if u tink custom coding will be hard i will suggest u use Mybb or SMF

SMF things be that o

Vanilla and PHPBB have improved greatly.

Equally true,I noticed that too

Glad to be back. @Dhtml, welldone from the entire Bestnaija team. Keep the fire burning.


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That is very good, I appreciate that, we can all assist each other to move forward. 

Bestnaija... My mentor 3yrs ago when I wanted to startup a forum... Good to see you here

Glad to see you sir! So, did you have a change of plan?

That Is ThE Right Question
Hello everyone, me i be JJC for here

Anyways i intend to develop a site for selling mp3, thats why av come to meet my ogas for advice
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Hmmm... Where's your target audience? If Nigeria, you'll require over 1000% energy, time and creativity to pull through or make revenue IMO... Over 90% Nigerians don't buy music, we like to download them for FREE. :-D If you target oversees, prepare move abroad and beat the big guns
But but some people do sell it in Nigeria, but they are not much sha
my target is here in nigeria i intend to sell yoruba music only

That makes a whole lot of sense.

Evening to all bosses here... I just remembered that there is something call library in programming terms, so I want to know the difference between library and framework
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Late here

do you know the difference of using creact-react-app and including the react librqry script directly in your html? With the react library, you don't need any magic, it just exposes API for you and allow you to create cool stuff right away and see the result, with create-react-app you do things in a certain way with magic to happen.

React is basically a library for manipulating DOM elements like jQuery, create-react-app abstracts all these allows you to use modules and import other cool libraries which is not possible with just the react library.

Going another level from JS let's use PHP Lots of frameworks but I will choose Laravel. Laravel is a framework agreed, but how why, it easily abstracts lots of things you will natively do painfully with PHP.

Take the routing of requests it is done in a certain way to make sure that certain part of your application code is run when a path is viewed, and for your information most of Laravel internals depends on one Symphony package(Package/library, interchangeable) or another. Simply put library is a set of function, classes, interfaces that does one thing.

Framework is a collection of stuffs to aid development of applications/programs. Some languages have popular libraries, and frameworks. Node has express library for http server, but Hapi, feathers as framework for web applications/APIs. I hope I am clear enough.

there is no late comer here, all these stuffs will come in useful for someone later on.

And no FTC either bandage

hian, ftc things


What language should a real full stack web developer know ???

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Pls Some 1 Should Enlighten Meee oo What the difference between Web development and Web designing 

To design - UI/UX things, look and feel e.t.c
To develop - programming somethings

This is why I refer to myself as a web developer (or web application developer) and not a web designer (am not a web designer).

This is cool I grab that

There are many ways of defining designers and developers. that is just one of them.


Why do Senior Programmers Use Multi Screen for coding ?

I dont use one, but I use 2 PCs to work. . . .

Why can't u use 1
What the advantages

It is faster for me, you may want to work on multiple things. And dont wish to be closing your display anyhow.

Good day everyone, our gigs feature will soon come up. So that all our talented people can really start getting to work. More information will be available as time goes on.
Just know that the Africoders team are on the job and results will be out soonest!

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You know we are coders and may want to add ? to our codes, so we should not even start converting smileys to codes -- like what happens on Nairaland.

Ehen, the GIGS, 500GB is too small, we are looking at something bigger!!

@dhtml #bring_back_our_emoji_from_keyboard

@dhtml I trust your government sha...


Can I Develop a video game using Html5 and Css 3 Alone??

Mean While @dhtml do u develop games? if there is any Pls share link lemme download 

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Game is way cooler, but I much prefer web, it does not stress me to do.

That cool... 
Video game programming is more than ordinary HTML5 and CSS3. More protocols than you might have imagined in use. It's more advanced than Web.

That would have been the best thing to do, but mehn, custom coding come hard small sha o.


After I finish Studying Php My First official Project is to build a Educational platform were student can study Jamb / Waec Questions just like exam..... 

the question here is that can php be used for that upcoming project?

Why not? it can be used of course. I dont see any problem with that at all.

PHP can very well carry out the task. You'll need some JavaScript anyway. 

Frontend support is key, so javaScript will be required truly

Surely. It's a do without.