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blowKissWelcome me on board

I just feel like flexing around
My keyboard emoji is still not showing **crying**
who is this boy self 

Nothing sweet pass this.
Refactor with confidence.

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LOL, Someday you will understand even more of that. He is testing his js codes. Just like I am testing these too.

These ones na advance programmers with masters. We only dey test our own codes by running http://localhost/php/test.php if e write internal server error, that one mean say e no work be that.
Hahahahahahaha! Chai!! I am just kidding o, that one no be test at all. I think someone should write us a good article on how to test your codes.

Question Justified.

When code integrity is paramount, it is ideal to make sure that codes work more predictably and less/no bugs made it to production.

Automated testing is the way to go.

Bosses of life... How can I ever be worthy... Pls show ur boy d way
The forums are not being used mostly na.. only this Status box 馃檮


The activities of the forums will see an increase following the next update. At the moment, let's deal with what the team has provided us, and don't be discouraged to use it.

not discouraged at all. alright

yeap, @limistah has spoken right.  We are observing the usage of every section and are working on how to improve the whole user experience. So bear with us for now.

And that was a good observation by the way, these kind of observations actually help us to channel our efforts better.

Let's keep evolving!!!

#PHP battle: I am observing a valiant battle of the php professors here ==>

PHP born and breds!!!

Only a programmer would search for "how to switch on flashlight"

Especially the android devs
Can Node.js take over from php ?
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Yes I am pythonistar but I still consider my self as a beginner though I can do much with it boss

You are most welcome, I hope the community will benefit through you!

Nigeria will be great again just prepare to vote me in the upper coming election

ayo finally you are buhari supporter 

What is the best way of writing a REST API with PHP?

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a very good suggestion

laravel + passport all the way


if you can develop an app like uber contact me ASAP, lets work

where should we contact you on

Finally, them don approve africoders freebasics version. Waiting for final publication so that we can launch that too.

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@dhtml biko how does one apply for that stuff?

It allows you to browse a website using facebook free mode (without data). We still dey await full publication.


Good Morning someone should gimme small project to do with php to keep me busy.. Note am just a new commer not upto a month

It doesn't work like that; you say you have not even learned for a month.

We don't want you to start drifting towards creating trashy apps . .  Take your time and learn, a couple of months more and  you can start taking test quizzes.