Ensodev startup dairy, my journey as a enterprenue in the tech world

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i will be sharing my journey to my 5 startup companies , i will share my mistakes, my joy, how am raising funds why am starting those companies, my daily activities on the companies will be shared here. pls stay tuned.


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    since 2006 have being on the run for at least 2 tech companies but it never work out, the reason is the companies i want is an internet based companies and they require masive capital to implement has most of the ideas then are just new and must be implementated rightly, i need funding, maturity, knowledge and supports but i dont sems to have majority of this but i did something in 2012.

    i register a compamy and but an smf forum , fully setup to my requirement from a nairalander then which i ran for almost a year but it never close to success, has spammers showed me the real stuffs they are made of, i also tried blogging , that did not last sis months.

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    i knew the best thing i could do was to have my ideas carved for me with the right tools and raise funds to run the movement but the money no dey, so i decided to take the journey from the scratch.
    1. i want back to programming, but i never learnt anything good cos i was jumping from programming language to the other any no one to put me through, i dont even see anyone that is looking at my direction so no matter how focus i was then i have more reasons to be very discourage and keep jumping in and out of learning programming.
    2. thinking about raising fund from families and friend, chai till now it not working ohh, because most have doubt that am a yahoo boy in disguise.
    3. picked up a job, so i can save few money to start things up and pay programmers, guys company start to dey own me salary every months, they will pay this months and until next two months , well you must have know i left.
    4. series of things where done but not until about 4 years ago that i began to see green light.

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    1. I had used few money i have to stock pure water and start selling withing my environment i must have saved more than enough to kick start my startup eight years ago, but most of us dont belive that a journey to greatness most times dont face the great path or start at that great path. ilearnt that in a hard way.

    1. i should never have copied nairaland as a forum possibly my forum would have been great by now, i spent few money to make the forum have a future but the fundation was wrong, the intention was good though. but show me a site that will copy facebook and make waves, if @dhtml copy nairaland i will not be here and you wont be reading this post.

    2. I wasnt patient, though , most of my concept for startup was new ideas that can still rock now but due to the fact that i dont have money to pay to programmers, hosting comapy and do other i was very discuarage at a point ooo

    3. i should have being patient my forum would have made it...possibly

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    Makes so much sense..
    Thanks man I've learnt a lot from this post

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    @mista_cee said:
    Makes so much sense..
    Thanks man I've learnt a lot from this post

    I have been sharing the post with my friends, the dude is very correct.

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    few year, i follow the likes of Mark of facebook, Jack of Alibaba, Gate of Microsoft just to mention few.

    i read lots of books and i watch film to picture a path i wish i could take like social network, irobot, transformer and the like. though some of the films i mention here might be like nothing to you but after today go get it and watch again possible you will learn things have learnt in them.

    Jack man cliamed he started Alibaba at a time that in the whole of china about six organisation has internet, it take a foolish mind to start a ecommerce site where internet was not granded but his foolishness turned out to be wisdom and with wisdom come all things.

    Mark tap into his sch network hack school database to get student pictures and info, what a foolish behavour, then i my widest dream if i was told robot will be real or anything like touch screen phone will come alive i will denied it but today it happens.

    well as am talking to you and typing this am so foolish than this guys hoping tomorow my foolishness will turn to wisdom that the world will benefit from.
    1. facebook link the world in a unique way
    2. google make info available in a unique way
    3. iphone change the way we operate phone, introducing touch screen in a unique way
    4. micosoft makes everyone has access to atleast one computer...making it cheap in a unique way.

    one lesson have learnt and i want you to know today as a developer/coder is that until you becomes so foolish to not think about yourself, money/profit you get from your work but how you change people lives and help the world solve a major problems, you will only be a coder/programmer without an impact and you are just on a long thing cos you will be frustrated soon and say FUCK PROGRAMMING.

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    Uniqueness is always a key strategy to making exploits happen.

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    So many things have seen in the world of programming, Good programmers that needs to be told what to do, WHY ?

    Have seem much good ones ending as a teacher, common and everywhere. WHY?

    Have seen alot of ex-programmers struggling with another proffession. WHY?

    Have seen great numbers of wannerbies that have nothing close to what it takes to write hello world yet struggling with want to become a programmer. WHY?

    let me hear you say somethings to those WHY?

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    Being a programmer goes beyond ability to write codes. You must ask yourself what you are getting yourself into. I came into programming primarily as a hobby, but later decided to make a career out of it.
    I see some people quit their day jobs to become a programmer, only to end up teaching or doing some other funny stuffs.
    This is my own take on the matter.

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    most people that picks up programming as an hobby never get tired even when things are not working towards there direction.

    someone once told me that if you post a smart engineer into accounting department his going to perfume so well that you think he has been there for years but whenever view challanges and questioning comes out in accounting job, such engineer we find it hard to respond, sleep or even handle it, while a non smart account will never see such as issue, eventually mr engineer will soon find is way back to engineering or becomes frustrated.

    most of what we are destiny to do is just among most thing we love to to, not what we fine to do or do for money or do to better our life

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    Not knowing what to do with the programming knowledge you have is a sign you might not belong to programming world...

    Turning out to be a programming teacher means alot too, but in this little words i can say even if such person is not a programmer, teaching seems to be the real talents he/she has. believe this programming to me can't be thaught in a conventional way, but you can teach yourself if you so determined. have never seen any good programner that was thought how to code, some can just show you the way, you take up the walking and the learning.

    Switching to another proffession is a great indication that you dont have what you claim you have possibly you dont know.

    programming seem to be the hot cake now and most wannabies are coming into the industry with one eye blind, thinking it something they can just pick up today and becomes great in it taday. some are coming to programming for the money....lol if you are here for the money, get the money and try to get the passion it you can else just no you will soon be out because it will tell on your outputs.

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    @Luckyhenry said:
    Solid stuffs cooked here!

    you can say that again!

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    Being a long time i post on this topic i opened few months ago...i want to update you guys.

    Really knowing how to code has nothing important than know how to hold a pen and use it. What you so with it is the most important thing.

    I will like to share few progress have being able to make with my startup ideas

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    Few year ago i started a company called ensodev technology, all have been doing was to help people setup computer business centers, repair system and also teach people few things i know about computer engineering, web development and crytpcurrency.

    Though have been doing it without registring the company until recently.

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    Few i deas struck my mind about 2 years ago. The idea was to design a way of empowering 10k nigeria youths with 5 years.

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    Am happy to inform you guys that by next month ensodev technology is emberking on a journey to empower 10k nigerians youths within the next 5years.

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    This whole idea will not have being possible if not for the fact that i have few understanding of what we called coding.

    This write up is not to brag, it to encourage all of us whether you have been in this game for years or joined recently. In coding hards time plenty pass smiling time.

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    Where am i going with this writeup. I really dont know but i will share my experience with you on the project and how i got it to this stage.

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    Coding and programming has given me a gift i will not forget, that gift is the spirit that dont give up.

    Nobody can succeed in anything if you give up easily, in programming or software engineering field 85% of people runing for this field give up without even getting a fare project to average.

    Just 2% percent make it to produce something tangible done individually.

    Thank God for forum like africoders, nairaland, github, w3schools, youtube and others that makes content available and give us ability to collaborate online. Things would have been more worse.

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    Hey guys the statistic above is without any research it based on few years of experience and what of seen in programming field, what has happend to me and what others are saying and commenting on

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    Ok. This week we are presenting our business plan to 50 people we refer to friend of the company for reviews, seggestions and support.

    Like i said i will keep updating you as ensodev technology move on, on this new idea of empowering 10k Nigerians

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